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Whether you are looking to buy a new limo, a used limo, rent a limo, or are just searching around to learn more about limousines and the limousine industry, you can find a plethera of information regarding what you can expect to find with your next limo rental or limo for sale experience here at Limo For Sale Guide. Trying to stay on top of all limousines for sale, we have a thorough list of limo manufacturers as well as covering each specific limo model product line, associated with it's manufacturer. If you are a limo enthusiast and wish to contribute to our guides, you can! Email us with any insights you have and you can share your thoughts and knowledge with the limo community!

When it comes to providing you the information you need, we already mantioned providing you detailed specifications and guides for each limo manufacturer and model series they produce. Additionally we will cover all the various purposes behind the limousine. These means we'll talk about things such as the stretch limo, the hummer limo, the limo bus, different limo services available to you and the different limo company / limo companies that offer these limo services, for example wedding limo rentals

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Dealing in the automotive industry for over 15 years as well as sepcializing in specific limo sales, limo for sale guide .com has much to offer in the sales department. Taking into account exact examples where we can demonstrate the varying facets you should concern yourself with when purchasing a new or used limo for sale, we'll keep you up to date on what you need to know. Explaing the process from start to finish in our various guides, we will show you the pitfalls and possibilities of purchasing a used limousine versus the expense of buying a showroom floor model of new limousine. From hummer to stretch limos we'll cover what the differences in electrical systems, amenities, fuel systems, brakes & braking systems, passenger capacity, seating arrangements, specialty items such as lighting, bar, poles, and super expensive upgrades as well. Everything from your standard pick up the client at the airport limo, to the executive transport vehicle as well as the recreational vehicle end of the modern limo manufacturing age. Where to buy a limo, where to sell a limo? We'll answer those questions and more, so look around and enjoy!

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Rolls Royce Limo, And a Guide To Rolls Royce Limousines For Sale. Find Rolls Royce Limo Pictures, Specs, Prices, Comparisons, Images, Information and More!

When it comes time for that special moment in a couple's life and they are ready to tie the not, many times couples will rent a limousine to chauffeur them around on their special day. Regardless of your reason, find a wedding limo rental, wedding limo service or even wedding limo for sale can be daunting. Let us guide your the right direction!